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Trench Wellness tracker enables you to keep track of all your health and fitness stats and progress. You can set your goals, input your training activity, exercise activity, food consumption and much more.


To change your password simply enter you new password into the password field in the Personal Details box. Then hit submit and your new password will be reset. Once you have reset your password you will then have to log in again with your new password.

This page is your first stop. Input as much data as you know. Don’t worry if your stats dont always show once you hit submit, as the system stores is and allows you to keep inputting your stats on a regular basis. Be sure to complete the base fitness indicators box as this will make up the calculations on your home page.

Trench Wellness Tracker also gives you contact with your Trench Personal Trainer, 24/7 so you don’t have to wait for that next training session, you will always be encouraged and motivated to keep up your good work, or find that little bit extra so you can reach your goals.

Fill in your details and data in the below data boxes to get started. If you have any problems you can visit our help page on the left navigation menu, to answer any of your questions.