Health Tool Box

Welcome to your E-Health Tool Box. Here you can access all kinds of information, articles, useful website, calculators and more. These recources are always being updated and added to. If you find a useful recources that you would love to share with others then simply send it to and we will add it to our tool box.

Simply click on a category below to start enjoying this free resource. If there are any links or sites that are broken or no longer available then please let us know at

Health and Fitness AppsHere you will find a range of different health and fitness apps for your iPhone or android. There are some great apps out there and we are working hard to bring you the ones that are beneficial to your exercise routines.


RECIPES – New healthy recipes are added each week. All recipes have great nutritional values as well as being quick and easy to prepare. If you find a healthy recipe that you would like to be uploaded for you friends and colleagues to take advantage of, then send it through to


CALCULATORS – This is a great cheat sheet and recourse to calculate almost anything health and fitness, ranging from unit converters through to waist to hip ratio calculators. Cant find a calculator you need? let us know at and we will do our best to find one or help you out.


WEBSITES – A great database of useful websites and online research papers on a range of different topics. New ones are added regularly so be sure to keep checking back. 



ARTICLES – Here are some great health and fitness and information articles from living healthy, how to maintain an exercise habit, to latest case studies.



FACT SHEETS – A range of quick and easy to read fact sheet on nutrition through to exercise and pregnancy.

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